Beachwood High School Computer Science Club

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Computer Science Club (the new and improved version of Computer Security Club) is a fun but productive place where you can come to learn computer science from scratch, brush up your existing skills, or create cool projects.

We primarily focus on:

  • Programming
    • And learning various coding and IT technologies
  • Ethical Hacking
    • And defense
  • Teaching/Making YouTube Videos
    • Very cool activity
  • Theoretical Computer Science
    • Examining Algorithms
  • Other cool computer related stuff (Arduino, digital electronics, etc.)

The brand new curriculum system lets you choose what technologies/tools to learn including but not limited to:

  • Flutter (Mobile app development)
  • Git (Version Control System for all programming)
  • Python (Useful for numerical analysis and AI) and other programming languages
  • USB Rubber Duckies (tool to help learn how physical access command execution can be a problem)
  • Networking (With special tools from Cisco)
  • Server Management and Linux (Always a fun and useful skill to have)

The curriculum management system will award you with (virtual) badges once you have completed a skill or mastered (to a reasonable degree) a technology. You have full control over which skills you want to choose and which areas you want to get more involved in.

If that sounds interesting to you fill out this form and we will reach out to you soon!

We participate in various competitions throughout the year:

  • CTFs (competitions where you use the cybersecurity knowledge you gained in this club)(Ranked by importance):
    1. PicoCTF (We were in the top 5%)
    2. HSCTF
    3. CTFLearn
    4. PekoeCTF (Our teams were first and second place)
    5. View up to date info
  • Hackathons (Events where you make apps and have a lot of fun working all night)(Ranked by importance):
    1. Hyland Hackathon
    2. UHacks
    3. CWRU Hackathon
    4. Programmer Humor Hackathon
    5. Gillmore Hackathon
    6. View up to date info
  • Other:
    • Congressional App Challenge
    • Data science competitions
    • And we’re always looking into more interesting competitions


  • I would love to participate but I don’t have enough time.
    • That is not a problem, it is not mandatory to participate in every competition we participate in as a club and you will have plenty of time to continue other activities like Girls Who Code, Science Olympiad, First Robotics, etc.
    • The only requirement to be an official member is to present one thing about computers that you learned and participate in at least one competition.
  • This club was previously disorganized and didn’t pay attention to beginners. How do I know that this will be worth my time?
    • We have a brand new curriculum system in place that will help you learn all the necessary basic skills to participate in bigger projects. You can also ask any other members of the club for help at any point and everyone will be happy to help you.

If that sounds interesting to you fill out this form and we will reach out to you soon!

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