Hot Dog: The Toy Guitar Flamethrower

Meet Hot Dog, the programmable flamethrower we stuck inside a toy guitar in 42 (very stressful) hours.

Demo & Explanation Video:

More pictures and videos

Full edited video coming soon™

Hack Club’s summer hackathon in VT saw people from all over the world work together towards the theme: to “make others laugh”. I’m pretty sure Hot Dog was a successful part of that.

This picture is of the circuit I put together and programmed, which combines everyone’s work on the spray mechanism, taser, guitar button reading, and battery (explained further in the video).

Here’s the source code on GitHub, although beware, it’s hackathon quality code.

Notes #

Made by (L to R): yours truly (Karmanyaah Malhotra), Diego Abadie, (the amazing PM) Kevin Yang, Tinu Vanapamula, and Roshan Karim

I feel insanely lucky to have been part of a team where we achieved this crazy feat in such a short period of time, and none of this would’ve been possible without every single person’s contributions and everyone who organized Outernet! (Including the people that brought the tasers. Taser games are incredibly cool too!)


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