I went viral! The UnifiedPush - F-Droid blog post

Go check my guest blog post on the F-Droid blog! https://f-droid.org/en/2022/12/18/unifiedpush.html

I have been working on UnifiedPush for the past 2 years, and surprisingly never wrote about it here.

I was pleasantly surprised by the attention we got, with 700+ upvotes and lots of discussion on Hacker News, 800+ combined upvotes on Reddit, many boosts on Fedi and lots of people joining our chat to ask for help w/ UP.

I drafted and co-ordinated w/ F-Droid to publish this. I had editing help from these awesome folks:

  • binwiederhier (developer of ntfy.sh)
  • MayeulC - UnifiedPush contributor
  • S1m - Of course, creator of UnifiedPush

And my friend Jaxzog.

In the process, I made this fancy diagram:


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