Communication #

  1. Email: karmanyaahm ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com
  2. Matrix -
  3. Work Email for School related tasks: (the number 20+3)kmalhotra ‘at’ beachwoodstudents ‘dot’ org (in the format no

Social #

The following are roughly according to frequency of use.

Identity Verification #

  1. PGP Key: 4AF679D0ABA0ED4B07BF7B6932CA3267C8D187D7
    • Use this to verify identity during digital communication and to send encrypted emails. Learn more by the FSF
  2. PGP based identity proofs at keyoxide
  3. Signed message to verify ownership of website as a text file
  4. Identity verification with
    1. karmanyaahm@github kex1xsky8y5cwtnv974kw384fkn4j8xety8rwz333c9eqkp288z2n4xs6setrp
    2. karmanyaahm@twitter kex1cmgqqfcqd695ed06nww0utkpxngzdqgj7gyj7nt34nqwewz78ucqtnuckl
    3. karmaths@reddit kex1xe8c4r4rsxezetv9j6d9tns6vqmw5kncrnh7p77sz3f07fje7t0s537xyh
    4. kex16th8st7k9xwv7xxmz9nadfht9xjn2scztrp6qhsc0gs8nv4tvv7qwcraa4