Site fixing

So I’m back to fixing my website now!

It’s 12:30AM EST right now and I finally got around to implement blogging on my site. I looked around at a bunch of Jekyll themes, and Hyde really stood out, except it hasn’t been maintained in forever with open Pull Requests and all that. I first found out about Hyde from David Tomaschik’s blog, the GOT/PLT pwning page of which I’ll have to keep visiting until I finally memorize everything (I’m much closer to that rn).

Hopefully I can get my site into a reasonably usable condition fixing the relatively cringe theme thinking about it nearly a year later. I’ll also work on fixing my CV setup ASAP so I can get all my grades, CTFs, and Science Olympiad ranks into an ordered format. Most importantly, I hope to be able to summarize it well enough since those are very important characteristics of my CV right now, but that won’t be the case forever.

Once I figure all of this out I can also get around to doing it on the bhscs blog and figure out how to get all our CTF writeups in there.